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What is trailer interchange insurance? 

The standard physical damage coverage that’s found in many tractor-trailer insurance policies typically doesn’t insure trailers that aren’t owned by the truck operator. In cases where Massachusetts-based trucking companies require coverage for such non-owned trailers, trailer interchange insurance becomes necessary.

Trailer interchange insurance primarily insures non-owned trailers. Policies normally safeguard against damage to unowned trailers, often including damage from accidents and other causes.

Trailer Interchange Insurance Massachusetts

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Which Massachusetts businesses need to have non-owned trailer coverage? 

Massachusetts businesses generally need non-owned trailer coverage if they transport cargo using trailers they don’t own. Freight brokers often require the coverage in their interchange contracts.

Since many freight transporters use trailers they don’t own, the coverage is purchased by a variety of businesses in the industry. Distributors, wholesalers and transport companies operating at local, regional or national levels might all get a policy.

What types of incidents are covered by non-owned trailer insurance? 

The extent of coverage provided by non-owned trailer insurance can vary depending on the specific policy terms. Many policies cover damage and loss that are a result of risks such as:

  • Collision
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Explosion
  • Other specified incidents

Does comprehensive coverage or physical damage coverage extend to unowned trailers?

Although physical damage and comprehensive coverages offer crucial protections for owned trucks and trailers, their protections are usually limited to equipment owned by the business. These coverages typically don’t extend any protection to the trailers that a business uses but doesn’t own.

Non-owned trailer coverage serves to bridge this coverage gap, normally offering protection for unowned trailers.

Trailer Interchange Insurance Massachusetts

Does non-owned trailer coverage extend protection to when trailers are parked?

Non-owned trailer coverage typically protects unowned trailers for the full duration that a business is using them. The coverage normally applies whenever the business is responsible for any damage the trailers might sustain.

Thus, this coverage often does protect trailers when they’re parked. Protection frequently applies when trailers are being towed, connected and parked, disconnected and parked, or being unloaded or loaded.

To make sure that trailers are covered when parked, businesses should work with a specialized insurance agent who knows interchange coverage well. A knowledgeable agent will be able to make sure a specific policy’s terms include protection when trailers aren’t in use.

Does trailer interchange coverage protect cargo? 

Trailer interchange coverage primarily focuses on protecting non-owned trailers, and not so much the cargo within. Protection for cargo typically requires separate cargo insurance coverage.

Separating coverages like this makes it easier to customize a policy for a business’s particular equipment and needs.

Can trailer interchange coverage be included in a current trucking policy?

Incorporating trailer interchange coverage into existing trucking insurance policies is often doable. Since this coverage is commonly sought after by freight companies and others in the trucking industry, it can usually be added without hassle.

An experienced insurance agent can help businesses add interchange coverage if they don’t already have it.

How are trailer interchange coverage premiums determined? 

A number of factors can influence the premiums charged for trailer interchange coverage, including the number of interchange agreements a business signs, the types of trailers a business uses, where the trailers are transported, and other related details. As these factors can vary significantly from one situation to another, premiums for this coverage also differ accordingly.

For precise interchange coverage cost estimates, businesses should consult with an independent insurance agent.

Trailer Interchange Insurance Massachusetts
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How can Massachusetts trucking businesses find get interchange insurance? 

For help with interchange insurance, reach out to the independent agents at Scotti Insurance Agency. With expertise in commercial trucking coverages, our Massachusetts agents are able to help you find trailer interchange insurance that’ll provide the protections you need for non-owned trailers.


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