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What is Musician Insurance?

Musicians are regularly playing at different locales, and sometimes they’re doing it at all hours of the day or night. The travel, rehearsals and gigs that come with being a professional musician present unique risks. Musician insurance policies help protect musicians in Massachusetts from many of these risks.

Musician insurance policies are highly specialized forms of commercial insurance. As such, they provide a varied blend of coverages that work together to create a web of protection for musicians.

What Coverages Do Musician Policies Provide?

Musicians are frequently able to customize the blend of coverages in their policies, so the combination of protections provided by policies can vary. Nonetheless, there are a few protections that many musicians need and are included in lots of policies. Two of these common coverages are:

  • Instrument and Equipment Coverage, which may cover instruments and related gear
  • Public Liability Coverage, which may cover lawsuits related to damage or injuries that a musician is found responsible for

Some policies may refer to public liability coverage as “general liability coverage.”

What Types of Incidents Does Public Liability Coverage Protect Against?

Public liability coverage may protect against a variety of potential incidents that could lead to a lawsuit. The following are just three examples of what a policy might cover:

  • Injuries sustained by a band member who trips while bringing equipment into a home recording studio
  • Injuries sustained by a fan who’s hit with drumsticks thrown into the audience
  • Damages caused by a fire that started when powerful audio equipment overloaded an electrical outlet

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Since policies’ precise protections can vary, musicians should review any policy they’re considering with an insurance agent who specializes in musician coverage. In addition to explaining exactly what a particular policy’s public liability coverage protects against, an agent will also be able to help musicians check whether the coverage has been properly adjusted for the unique risks that come with being in the music industry.

What is Worldwide Coverage?

The phrase “worldwide coverage” is found in the terms and conditions of some insurance policies property protections. The phrase may appear in terms and conditions of a music policy’s instrument and equipment coverage. (Instrument and equipment coverage is generally a type of property coverage.)

When worldwide coverage is included in a property protection’s terms and conditions, the property protection is usually extended throughout the world baring places that are explicitly excluded. War zones, for example, are one place that’s frequently excluded.

Policies that don’t have worldwide coverage may only cover the insured property when it’s on a business’ premises. For musicians who travel a lot, not having protection that extends to rehearsal and gig sites can result in significant coverage gaps.

Musician Insurance Massachusetts

How Much Do Musician Policies Cost?

Musician policies are often quite affordable. Premiums depend in part on how much equipment a musician has to insure and how much protection they want against lawsuits, but they’re generally fairly low. They’re usually much more affordable than facing a major claim without protection in place would be.

Who in Massachusetts Needs a Musician Policy?

Most Massachusetts residents who are professional musicians should consider purchasing a musician policy.

Some musicians are tempted to rely on their homeowners policy for coverage, but homeowners policies aren’t normally intended to insure a business — and most independent musicians who work professionally are considered business owners.

In contrast, musician policies typically are designed for musicians and their businesses.

Musician Insurance Massachusetts
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How Can Musicians in Massachusetts Get Musician Insurance?

For help finding musician insurance that includes the protections you need, contact the independent insurance agents at Scotti Insurance Agency. Our agents are familiar with these specialized policies, and they can help you compare policies from several insurers in Massachusetts.


For quotes or questions, reach out to the experts at Scotti Insurance Agency. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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