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What is Salon & Barber Insurance?

Hairdresser careers can be both personally and financially rewarding, but the work isn’t without some risk. From liability claims to property loss, salon and barber insurance may help protect Massachusetts hairdressers against many of the risks that they’re exposed to.

Salon and barber insurance is specialized commercial insurance for hairdressers and their businesses. In order to provide both liability and property protections, these policies usually come as package policies that combine multiple coverages together.

What Massachusetts Professionals Should Carry Hair Salon Insurance?

Most hair salons, hairstylists, barbers and hairdressers in Massachusetts ought to carry hair salon insurance. Few people in the industry are entirely risk-free, and this tends to be the most appropriate type of insurance for professionals in the industry.

What Coverages Are Available Through Hair Salon Insurance Policies?

While the exact coverages that a hair salon insurance policy provides can vary, most policies make a variety of liability and property coverages readily available. Some of the commonly available coverages include:

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  • Product Liability Coverage, which might protect against harm caused by sole shampoos, dyes or other products
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage, which might protect against coworker-filed discrimination claims
  • Building Coverage, which might protect a building or other salon-owned facility
  • Contents Coverage, which might protect the equipment and supplies that a hairdresser or salon uses

There are still more coverages that policies can offer. An insurance agent who specializes in hair salon insurance can help hairdressers and salons go through all of the available coverages.

Are Home-Based Hairdressers Covered by Their Homeowners Insurance?

Some homeowners insurance policies may offer basic coverages for small businesses that operate out of a basement, spare room or garage. Not all policies provide coverage, though, and those that do frequently offer only minimal protections. Many hairdressers may want more protection for their business than a homeowners policy gives.

A knowledgeable insurance agent can help home-based hairdressers review their coverage needs and homeowners insurance policy. With an agent’s help, hairdressers can determine whether they need a hair salon policy or can rely solely on their homeowners’ policy.

Salon & Barber Insurance Massachusetts

Are Hairdresser Contractors Working At Salons Covered by Their Salon’s Insurance?

Hairdressers who work at salons sometimes receive coverage from their salon’s insurance policy. Again, however, whether coverage is provided depends on the situation and any provided coverage might not be sufficient. Coverage can also depend on whether a hairdresser is a traditional employee or independent contractor.

This is another situation where speaking with a knowledgeable insurance agent is helpful. An agent can review a hair salon’s policy and help hairdressers determine whether that policy meets their personal coverage needs.

How Much Do Salon & Barber Policies Cost?

Premiums for salon and barber policies are determined according to multiple factors, and they vary among policies. A hairdresser’s business structure, space, services and location are just some of the details that typically impact cost. Chosen coverages and limits obviously do too, as can past claims history.

Even with variances among premiums, these insurance policies tend to be affordable. They’re almost certainly more affordable than the cost of replacing lost property or defending against a major lawsuit can be.


Salon & Barber Insurance Massachusetts
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How Can Hairdressers Working in Massachusetts Get Salon & Barber Insurance?

For assistance insuring a hairdresser or hair salon business in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Scotti Insurance Agency. Our agents have worked with many professionals in the state, and we’ll help make sure that you get salon and barber insurance that’s well-suited for your business’ situation.


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