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What is physical damage insurance for trucks?

For businesses and owner-operators in the trucking industry, safeguarding their trucks is vitally important. Any damage to a truck can result in expensive repairs, lost downtime and other costs. One way that Massachusetts businesses and owner-operators can protect their rigs is by purchasing physical damage insurance.

Physical damage insurance is a specialized coverage for commercial trucks. Policies typically protect trucks against damage from both accidents and non-accident incidents.

Which Massachusetts businesses should carry physical damage coverage?

Physical damage coverage is generally recommended for any Massachusetts business operating tractor-trailers. This includes businesses with large fleets, with a few trucks, and solo owner-operators.

Even businesses that aren’t officially in the trucking industry but have at least one tractor-trailer should consider coverage.

Commercial trucks other than semis might be insured as well. For instance, some policies may cover dump trucks, garbage trucks, reefers, specialized straight trucks and other equipment.

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What protections are included with physical damage coverage?

Physical damage coverage usually encompasses a range of specific sub-coverages, each of which offers its own protection against truck damage and related costs. Some common sub-coverages include:

  • Collision Coverage: Might cover damage caused by accidents with other vehicles that are in motion.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Might cover damage from non-accident events (e.g. animal strikes, falling tree branches).
  • Fire and Theft with CAC Coverage: Might cover damage from a limited set of non-accident incidents (e.g. fire, theft).
  • Loan Gap Coverage: Might cover the amount between a truck’s current value and the remaining loan balance if the truck is totaled.
  • Towing Coverage: Might cover the cost of towing a truck to the closest qualified repair service after a covered accident or other incident.
  • Extended Towing Coverage: Might cover the cost of towing to a chosen repair service within a specified distance, rather than the closest qualified one.
  • Downtime Coverage: Might cover revenue losses while a truck is being repaired following a covered incident.
  • Truck Rental Reimbursement: Might cover the cost of renting a replacement truck while the insured truck undergoes repairs.
  • Emergency Expense Reimbursement: Might cover expenses like lodging and transportation after an insured incident that occurs on the road.
Physical Damage Insurance Massachusetts

Does physical damage coverage extend to trailers and cargo?

Physical damage coverage generally only insures trucks against damage. Protection for trailers and cargo can usually be obtained through separate protections, namely trailer coverage, interchange coverage and cargo coverage.

Often, these coverages are combined into a single package policy that does provide coverage for a truck, trailer and cargo. When a commercial truck insurance policy includes these protections, only a single deductible might apply even if a truck, trailer and cargo are all damaged.

What is stated value coverage?

Stated value coverage is a common feature in many physical damage policies for trucks. It insures a truck for a mutually agreed-upon amount, even if the truck’s value falls below this amount.

This coverage can be especially beneficial for trucks with extensive upgrades that raise the replacement cost beyond its market value. It better ensures that a business or owner-operator will be able to replace their truck as it is, should it ever be a total loss.

Physical Damage Insurance Massachusetts
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How can Massachusetts businesses get physical damage insurance for their trucks?

If you have semis or other trucks in Massachusetts that need physical damage coverage, get in touch with the independent insurance agents at Scotti Insurance Agency. Our agents are well-versed in commercial truck insurance coverages, including physical damage insurance. We’ll work with you to make sure your truck is protected whenever it’s on the road.


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