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What is Paramedic Malpractice Insurance?

First responders who work in the medical field take daily risks to provide care for patients in emergency situations. As needed and sacrificial as this care can be, first responders need to protect themselves from their assumed risks whenever it’s possible to. One way responders in Massachusetts can shield themselves from certain covered risks is by getting paramedic malpractice insurance.

Paramedic malpractice insurance policies are specialized medical malpractice policies that have been designed with the risk exposure of paramedics in mind. These policies frequently don’t have all the protections that a physician’s malpractice policy will come with, but they still provide robust protection for first responders working in the field.

What First Responders in Massachusetts is EMT Malpractice Insurance Right For?

In general, the vast majority of medical first responders working in Massachusetts ought to have EMT malpractice insurance in place. This broadly includes most emergency medical technicians, paramedics, wilderness responders and others who provide a similar level of care. 

Higher-level medical providers will likely find that this type of malpractice coverage doesn’t adequately meet their needs. Nurses, physician’s assistants and doctors, for example, usually need different policies. 

This probably also isn’t an appropriate insurance for some other first responders, such as police officers. Firefighters and other responders who provide medical care but also perform other critical work might need this or another type of insurance policy.

Responders who are unsure whether they should get EMT malpractice insurance can ask an insurance agent who specializes in this coverage. A specialized agent will know what kinds of risks various first responders often face, and the agent will know whether this type of policy adequately mitigates those risks.

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Do First Responders Receive Insurance Coverage From Their Employers?

First responders frequently have at least some insurance coverage through their employer or volunteer organization, but this coverage isn’t necessarily equal to what responders would like to be in place. In the event of a major liability lawsuit, some policies could leave responders without sufficient protection for legal fees and a settlement.

Additionally, any coverage offered through a company or organization typically only applies when care is rendered as part of that organization’s efforts. Medical care that’s administered while not working a shift with an organization normally isn’t covered by that organization’s insurance policy.

In light of both of these potential issues, first responders are wide to review their individual insurance needs and purchase a policy accordingly. An insurance agent can help responders decipher what coverage their employer provides and find a supplemental individual policy if one is called for.

Paramedic Malpractice Insurance Massachusetts

What Incidents Does EMT Malpractice Insurance Protect Against?

The incidents that a particular EMT malpractice insurance policy protects against are determined by that policy’s terms, conditions, coverages and exclusions. Depending on those details, policies might cover claims related to situations like these:

  • An initial assessment is performed poorly and inaccurate
  • A stabilization is done hastily and doesn’t secure a patient during transport
  • An incorrect medication is accidentally given to a patient
  • An object in an ambulance falls on a patient and causes injury
  • A record of care is left incomplete

This is just a sampling of what a policy may provide protection for.

Paramedic Malpractice Insurance Massachusetts
Scotti Insurance

How Can Massachusetts Responders Get Quotes for Paramedic Malpractice Insurance?

If you need paramedic malpractice insurance and work in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Scotti Insurance Agency for help. Our independent agents can show you policy options from several insurance companies in the state, and then they can help you determine which of the options will give the protections that you desire.


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