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What is Assault and Battery Insurance?

While people involved in physical confrontations may be held personally responsible for injuries they inflict, businesses sometimes can be held liable for fights and other incidents as well. Assault and battery insurance helps protect Massachusetts businesses from this risk.

Assault and battery insurance is a specialized commercial liability coverage that’s uniquely designed to mitigate risks related to physical conflicts between people. As a liability coverage, the insurance will normally help pay legal fees, settlements and judgements associated with covered claims.

How Much Does Assault and Battery Coverage Cost?

Insurance companies consider many different factors when setting rates for these insurance policies, so premiums often vary. Even with variance, however, many businesses find that coverage is affordable.

An independent insurance agent can request multiple quotes for policies from different insurance companies to help a business find out how much coverage would cost in their particular situation.

Why Are Businesses Held Responsible for Injuries Sustained in Conflicts?

There are a few reasons why businesses might be held responsible for injuries sustained in physical conflicts that occur on their property, occur at their events or involve their employees.

First, bouncers and security personnel who injure someone during a confrontation with a customer or attendee are usually acting in the interest of their employer. Because the bouncers are fulfilling their work duties, their employer might be held financially liable for any injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering, or other issues related to the injuries inflicted.

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Second, businesses that sell alcohol are occasionally held liable for the actions of intoxicated patrons. If a business has enabled a patron to become more drunk than they should have been, the business may be held at least partly responsible for any problems the patron causes — including any fights they get into.

Third, businesses may be sued by opportunistic lawyers whenever a fight or other major confrontation occurs on the business’ property. People can sue for almost any reason, and businesses are occasionally targeted because of the assets they have. Even if a business is legally exonerated, the costs of fighting a lawsuit can be substantial.

Assault and Battery Insurance Massachusetts

What Businesses in Massachusetts Need Assault and Battery Coverage?

Many businesses in Massachusetts can benefit from the protections that assault and battery coverage provides. Some businesses that might want to consider purchasing this coverage include:

  • Restaurants, bars and other businesses that serve alcohol
  • Live entertainment spaces that have bouncers or security staff
  • Dance clubs and similar venues
  • Festival hosts
  • Security companies

Businesses that are unsure whether this type of coverage is appropriate for them should speak with an insurance agent who specializes in this form of insurance. A specialized agent will be able to make an informed recommendation based on their knowledge and the specifics of a business’ situation.

Is Assault and Battery Coverage Available Through Package Policies?

Assault and battery coverage may be purchased via a standalone policy that provides only this coverage, but most businesses elect to obtain this coverage through a package policy that bundles several coverages together. Commercial package policies frequently can be adjusted to include this coverage if it’s necessary.

Assault and Battery Insurance Massachusetts
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How Can Businesses in Massachusetts Get Assault and Battery Insurance?

For help finding assault and battery insurance that meets your business’ needs, contact the independent insurance agents at Scotti Insurance Agency. Our agents have helped many Massachusetts businesses with this coverage, and they’re ready to assist you as well. They have the expertise and independence necessary to find you the best available policy for your business.


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