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What is film & video production insurance?

Producing films and videos are unique services, and they come with correspondingly unique risk considerations. Film and video production insurance is specially designed to protect against many of the risks that Massachusetts videographers face.

Damage to cameras and liability lawsuits can financially devastate videographers. Film and video production insurance may help safeguard against these sorts of risks.

What Massachusetts businesses need video production insurance?

Most Massachusetts businesses that offer videography services should consider video production insurance. This includes solo operators and large companies that work in the field.

Still, photographers often need many of the same coverages as videographers, especially if they do both types of media arts. Photographers who only work with still images might have slightly nuanced risk profiles, however, and thus need a slightly adjusted insurance policy.

An insurance agent who specializes in photography and video production insurance can help professionals find a policy that’s well-suited for their situation.

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What coverages are available through video production policies?

Most video production policies give protection against multiple property and liability risks. Policies accomplish this by offering multiple distinct coverages, often including ones such as:

  • General Liability Coverage, which may protect against common accidents occurring at a studio or filming location
  • Professional Liability Coverage, which may protect against defamation, libel, copyright infringement, and privacy invasion lawsuits
  • Equipment Protection Coverage, which may protect against damage to or loss of video recording equipment, computers and other electronics
  • Commercial Auto Coverage, which may protect against accidents occurring while driving to/from filming locations
  • Workers Compensation Coverage, which may protect employees against on-the-job injuries that result in being unable to work

Policies might also offer business income coverage, commercial umbrella coverage and others.

Film & Video Production Insurance Massachusetts

Do videographers need commercial auto insurance?

Videographers often drive their vehicles for work-related purposes, as they go to/from filming locations. Vehicles might not be insured by a personal auto policy when they’re driven for work, but videographers have a few potential options for obtaining commercial coverage.

First, some personal auto insurance policies do have optional coverage for basic work-related driving. This option isn’t standard and isn’t included in all personal policies, but it frequently meets the needs of videographers if the option is available.

Second, hired and non-owned auto insurance normally provides liability coverage for vehicles that a business itself doesn’t own. This may provide coverage for employee vehicles as they’re driven to/from filming locations, and it also might cover vehicles that are rented for specific shoots.

Third, traditional commercial auto insurance is generally available for business-owned vehicles that are commercially registered.

An insurance agent who knows video production policies well can help videographers find any auto insurance they need.

Do videographers need workers’ compensation coverage?

Massachusetts state law requires most businesses that have employees to carry workers’ compensation, which broadly protects against many workplace injuries. Videographers who have employees are likely required by law to carry the coverage. Solo videographers who own their business might want to purchase the coverage.

Film & Video Production Insurance Massachusetts
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How can videographers get film & video production insurance?

For help finding film and video production insurance in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Scotti Insurance Agency. Our agents have assisted many professionals in the media arts, and we have the expertise necessary to ensure you find coverages that are right for your work. 


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