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What is Medical Malpractice Insurance?

Practicing medicine is a noble and much-needed endeavor, but the field of work comes with substantial responsibility and a corresponding amount of risk. Insurance is never a substitute for practicing medicine in the most responsible way possible, but it can help protect organizations, physicians and other medical providers if something does go awry during the course of care. Medical malpractice insurance policies can help protect a range of Massachusetts medical professionals from many of the liability risks they face.

Medical malpractice insurance is a specialized form of professional liability insurance that’s crafted to meet the particular needs of medical professionals. In order to give providers the level of protection they need, many of these policies come with high limit options and protect against an array of possible risks.

Who in Massachusetts Need Medical Malpractice Coverage?

The vast majority of organizations and people who render medical services in Massachusetts need to carry medical malpractice coverage. Medical providers are legally required to have minimum levels of coverage in many situations, and a lot of organizations and providers choose to purchase more protection than what’s required by law. Even if coverage isn’t legally mandated, not having a medical malpractice policy can expose providers to substantial amounts of risk.

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Importantly, medical providers in an insurance sense refers to a wide range of professionals who provide medically related services. A few examples of groups and individuals who might need this type of policy include:

  • Hospitals, medical clinics and doctor’s offices
  • Health care groups and HMOs
  • Surgeons, specialists and primary care physicians
  • Independent naturopathic doctors
  • Dentists and orthodontists
  • Chiropractors
  • Medical spas and skincare clinics
  • Weight loss clinics

Moreover, doctors generally need to have coverage regardless of whether they’ve attained a medical doctor or doctor of osteopathic medicine degree.

Do Providers Receive Medical Malpractice Coverage from Their Employers?

Many employers in the medical field carry medical malpractice coverage that extends at least some protections to the providers who work for them. The amount of coverage that individual providers receive isn’t sufficient in all situations, though.

First, the coverage that an employer offers sometimes simply isn’t enough. Limits may be lower than individual providers would like, which is an especially significant risk when mistakes can result in serious medical consequences or even death. Additionally, there might be gaps in the offered coverage that leave individual providers exposed to certain risks that they’d like protection against.

Second, employer-provided coverage normally only extends to the work that an individual provider does for their employer. It often doesn’t protect against side work or general aid that the provider might render when not work. Even if good samaritan laws ultimately shield a provider from liability in a situation where aid is given in public, the laws don’t necessarily prevent someone from filing a lawsuit that can be expensive to defend against.

For these reasons, many medical providers may want to procure their own medical malpractice coverage. An insurance agent who specializes in these types of policies can help providers assess their employer’s coverage and determine their individual protection needs.

Medical Malpractice Insurance Massachusetts

How Much Are Medical Malpractice Policies’ Premiums?

Premiums for medical malpractice policies vary substantially, for their based on many different factors and medical providers are exposed to differing levels of risk. Broadly speaking, however, premiums for medical malpractice coverage are substantial but manageable. The cost of coverage is almost certainly less than what a major liability lawsuit could be if something went seriously wrong during the course of care.

A knowledgeable and independent agent can help medical practices and professionals find the coverage they need at the most affordable price. An experienced agent who’s familiar with these particular policies will know what coverages are must-haves and what can be done to mitigate the cost of a policy without sacrificing protection too much.

Medical Malpractice Insurance Massachusetts
Scotti Insurance

How Can Medical Providers in Massachusetts Get Medical Malpractice Insurance?

For help finding medical malpractice insurance in Massachusetts, contact the independent agents of Scotti Insurance Agency. Our independent agents have the flexibility to show you policy options from multiple companies in the state, and we have the expertise needed to help you select the policy that’s best for your organization or you personally.


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