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Lexington, Massachusetts was first settled in 1642 as a part of Cambridge, Massachusetts, allowing settlers to take advantage of the rolling farmlands. The area was incorporated as Cambridge Farms in 1691 as a parish of Cambridge, and then as the town of Lexington in 1713.

Primarily a quiet farming community, Lexington entered the history books on April 19, 1775, when the first battle of the Revolutionary War took place upon its lands. Despite this auspicious event, Lexington remained a farming community until 1846 until the coming of the railroad. This allowed residents to commute into nearby Boston, while Lexington became a summer resort and escape from the city.

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When Route 128 was built through the town, Lexington experienced a population boom, especially in the 1960s and 1970s. With the establishment of the Historic Districts Commission, a town planning board, and strict zoning regulations, Lexington has been able to highlight its historic past while welcoming the high-tech future in this popular residential community.


Lexington is considered a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. It is located in Middlesex County 11 miles northwest of Boston. It covers 16.4 square miles, making it one of the biggest towns in the vicinity, larger than its neighbors including Woburn, Burlington, Winchester, Arlington, Belmont, Waltham, Bedford, and Lincoln.

The population of the town has steadily grown throughout its history and is currently around 31,000. It is the sixth wealthiest small city in the United States. With convenient bus and highway access to many other parts of the region, many residents commute to Boston and other towns for work, though there are some large employers within the town. The Minuteman Bike Path also runs through Lexington along the old railroad line connecting Cambridge and Somerville to Bedford.

Lexington contains many historical sites related to the Revolutionary War. The Minute Man National Historic Park, a 970 acre preserved area, is also in town. This land includes the historic Lexington Battle Green, walking trails and paths, and many historic buildings and landmarks. There is also a thriving historic downtown district providing residents with a variety of restaurants, retail, and art galleries to visit.

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Patriot’s Day

On April 19, 1775, Lexington, Massachusetts was home to the infamous “shot heard ‘round the world” that began the Revolutionary War. Starting with the midnight ride of Paul Revere and ending on the fields of Lexington, this date is memorialized as a defining date in American History.

Massachusetts commemorates this day each year on Patriot’s Day, the third Monday in April. Throughout the month, but especially on this day, residents and visitors come out to see history come alive. Just as happened in 1775, Paul Revere rides through the local towns, militia companies march to Lexington, and the battle against the British begins. Parades, historic tours, and other events cap off the popular weekend events.

The Patriot’s Day celebrations are just one way the town of Lexington honors its proud place in American history. By inviting residents and visitors to this stunning reenactment, school children and others can see history come alive in front of them, pulling them back to the early days of the Revolution. However, historic home tours and other events are available throughout the year.

Lexington, Massachusetts holds a singular place in the history of the United States. This town now merges its historic background with a modern tech population, blending them together to give Lexington its unique personality.


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