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Known as the “Cradle of Liberty”, Boston, Massachusetts has an important place in the birthplace of the United States. Located along the coast, on the Shawmut Peninsula, the Puritans first settled here in 1630. It was given the name Boston by the deputy-governor of Massachusetts, after his hometown in England. It quickly became the largest city in the colonies and remained so until the 1750s.

Boston played a crucial role in the Revolutionary War, with events such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party showing early signs of unrest. It was from the Old North Church in Boston that Paul Revere received his signal, setting off his famous ride on the eve of the first battle in Lexington.

Insurance Boston MA

Boston remained an important city in the new country, most notably as a trading port. It was a popular destination for immigrants seeking a new life in the 1800s, with many coming from Ireland and Italy, forming the base of the population of Boston for generations. Each wave of immigrants settled in a different part of the city, many of whose families remain in these areas today.

Higher Learning and World Class Medical Care

Boston is a city known for being a world leader, especially in the fields of higher learning and medical care. Stemming from its earliest days, education was a priority. Boston has the nation’s oldest public elementary school and second oldest public high school. With such well known institutions such as Harvard and MIT in nearby Cambridge, students from around the world flock to Boston each fall to take advantage of the education they can receive here. In all, there are more than 54 colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher learning in the Greater Boston area.

With so many learning opportunities, including at the Harvard Medical School located in Boston, healthcare has emerged as a field of prominence in Boston. Its hospitals are consistently ranked at or near the top, both nationally and worldwide. The Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Center, and other hospitals lead the way in innovation and patient care, attracting patients from around the country to these medical experts.

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Insurance Boston MA


With such a rich history and diverse population, Boston has a wide cultural base. With museums including the Museum of Fine Art, Children’s Museums, Museum of Science, and New England Aquarium, both tourists and residents alike find much to do in Boston.

Massachusetts, with its emphasis on education, is also home to the first free library in the United States, which is still open today. Music is also treasured, with the Boston Symphony Orchestra ranking as one of the world’s best. The Boston Ballet, as well as a number of theater companies, all find homes in Boston as well.

Boston also has a deep-rooted loyalty to its sports teams, especially the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots. These sports teams have risen to prominence in recent years, giving Boston sports fans much to be proud of.

Boston, Massachusetts is a diverse and thriving city, with the metro area comprising the 6th-largest economy in the nation. As America’s oldest city, it is the largest in New England and supports some 668,000 residents, as well as the thousands of commuters from surrounding cities and towns that work here each day. With many universities, hospitals, and cultural activities, Boston attracts visitors from around the world to its unique offerings.


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