April 26, 2018

What Should Owners that Need Restaurant Insurance Look for in an Agent?

Insurance agents make the process of finding restaurant insurance much simpler, as a good agent can help request quotes for policies and ensure that a restaurant has the coverages it needs. If you own or are starting up a restaurant in Massachusetts, here are some tips to help you find a great agent who will be able to provide a lot of help during your search for insurance coverage.

What Should Massachusetts Restaurant Owners Look for in an Agent When Shopping for Restaurant Insurance?

Look for an Agent Near Your Restaurant

Start by limiting your search for agents to those who are near your restaurant’s place of business. Any commercial insurance agent who’s licensed in Massachusetts may technically be able to help you look for restaurant insurance, but an agent who’s on the other side of the state the state might not be as helpful as one who’s in your area.

To start with, selecting a local agent can make reading through insurance policies easier. While agents can explain policies over the phone or via email, it’s sometimes preferable to have an in-person conversation. When talking face-to-face, you’re able to better express your concerns, the agent can confirm that you understand each policy’s provisions and neither of you has to wait for a response back.

Additionally, a local agent may be able to leave their office and actually come see your restaurant’s location. If you’re working with an agent hours away, the agent probably can’t take a full day to drive out and see your restaurant’s site. If your restaurant is just around the corner from their office, though, they might be able to stop by. They may even suggest meeting to discuss the restaurant’s insurance needs over lunch.

Having an agent come to your restaurant gives them a chance to see your eatery in person. They’ll gain an appreciation for the challenges you face, possibly notice potential hazards that should be insured and maybe even see something that can help you qualify for a reduced rate on restaurant liability insurance. In short, being at your restaurant’s location might help your agent better assess the business’ insurance needs and more effectively serve you.

Choose an Agent Who Has Helped Eateries Like Yours Find Restaurant Insurance

Not only will you want to look for any agent who’s knowledgeable about restaurant liability insurance, but you should specifically seek out an agent who has helped restaurants like yours. For example, if you own a fast food location, look for an agent who has helped other fast food eateries find insurance. Conversely, if you have a five-star restaurant that serves multi-course meals, see if you can find an agent who has helped other high-end establishments.

There are, of course, many different kinds of restaurants. Each kind of restaurant has slightly different insurance needs. By choosing an agent who has worked with eateries similar to yours, you’ll have the expertise of someone who is familiar with the particular type of policy your restaurant needs.

Select an Independent Insurance Agent

Finally, selecting an independent insurance agent will help ensure your restaurant ends up with the best restaurant liability insurance policy available — regardless of what insurance company offers it.

Agents who aren’t independent normally work with a single insurer, and they can typically only show you policies that their insurer offers. If another insurer has a better policy, the agent probably can’t show you the more suitable option.

Independent agents, in contrast, aren’t obligated to promote a specific insurance company. They can request quotes from almost any insurer in the state, and they’re able to show you every insurer’s offerings. Thus, they make it easy to compare lots of policies, and you can have confidence that the one you select was the best of all the policies that are available.

Consider These Criteria and Select a Massachusetts Agent

You might not find an independent agent who has helped restaurants exactly like yours within a one-block radius of your restaurant’s location. You should, however, be able to find an independent, Massachusetts-licensed and knowledgeable agent who’s not too far away. They’ll be well qualified to help you find a good restaurant insurance policy for your restaurant.

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