November 16, 2018

What Questions Should I Ask When Comparing General Liability Insurance Quotes?

Comparing general liability insurance quotes involves a lot more than merely looking at various policies’ premiums. It’s important to carefully review each policy’s coverages and limits with an independent insurance agent, so you fully understand the protections that a policy will give your Massachusetts business. Here are some questions to ask the agent you work with. Your agent’s answers will help you understand what coverages are available and select the best general liability coverage for your business.

When Comparing General Liability Insurance Quotes, What Questions Should I Ask My Massachusetts Insurance Agent?

What Does the General Liability Insurance Policy Cover, and What’s Not Covered?

General liability insurance policies provide coverage against a host of common risks. Hardly any policy will provide protection from every possible peril, though.

Asking this questions should prompt your agent to read through a policy’s terms and conditions, and then provide examples of claims that would be covered and ones that wouldn’t be. As they bring up potential scenarios, you may have questions about specific situations that you’re concerned about. They’ll be able to explain how a policy’s coverages would apply to these situations, in addition to the scenarios they present.

As a policy’s technical jargon is applied to real-world scenarios, you’ll better understand how the policy will protect your business and where it will leave your business vulnerable.

What Other Liability Insurance Policies Would Be Good to Consider?

The natural follow-up to this conversation is a discussion of what other liability insurance policies your business may need. Once you know the limits of a general liability coverage’s protections, you can make wise decisions about what other liability policies to purchase so that your business has robust insurance coverage.

Of course, your independent insurance agent can help you select other liability policies for your business.

What Are a Policy’s Per-Occurrence and Aggregate Limits?

Most general liability coverage comes with per-occurrence and aggregate limits. Per-occurrence limits generally define the maximum amount of coverage that a policy will provide for a single claim. Aggregate limits normally determine the maximum coverage a policy will provide over the course of the policy. Together, these two limits determine how much protection a policy offers for valid claims.

It’s impossible to wisely choose a general liability policy without knowing the aggregate and per-occurrence and aggregate limits. These are usually listed in each policy’s paperwork, and your agent will be able to easily tell you what each limit is.

How Long Does the Business Have to File a Claim?

Most insurance policies define how long after an incident policyholders have to file a claim. The timeframe that a policy allows for filing a claim likely won’t be a major consideration when you’re deciding between two policies. You’ll want to know how long the policy you ultimately select provides for filing claims, however, so your business doesn’t have a claim denied because it was filed too late.

Your Massachusetts insurance agent will be able to tell you the timeframe a policy allows for filing claims, as well as how to file any general liability claims your business might have.

Work with an Independent Insurance Agent in Massachusetts

Wading through all the considerations that must be taken into account when choosing general liability coverage is a complex process. For help, make sure you work with a qualified independent insurance agent who’s helped other Massachusetts businesses get the insurance policies they need. While you could wade through these questions on your own, an agent will be able to quickly answer each of these questions and any others you have. They’ll make finding the right general liability insurance policy a much easier process.

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